Friday, 24. 11. 2023 08:24

Financial aid for students in need 2023

The purpose of the appeal is to solve the social plight of students of the ŠOU in Ljubljana and to increase the possibility of achieving a minimum level of quality of life for students.

Individual one-time and non-refundable financial aid amounts is €250, €350 or €450. The funds for the implementation of the appeal were allocated by the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana, which is the founder of the Student Tolar Foundation.

The applicant must send the application for funds by registered mail to the address:

Fundacija Študentski tolar, Ustanova ŠOU v Ljubljani

Pivovarniška 6

1000 Ljubljana

The deadline for submitting applications is up to and including November 15, 2023 (postmark is valid) or at the latest until the funds are used up after this appeal.

Ljubljana,  5.10.2023

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